Four things to know about the FAA’s rules about commercial drone usage

Drone The rules for commercial drone usage released last week by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) left some unanswered questions on the table. We discussed some of these with Thomas Gemmell, a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and the co-leader of the drone team at the law firm Husch Blackwell in Chicago. The rules, which concern unmanned aircraft weighing less than 55 pounds… Read More

Google+ turns 5 and is somehow still alive

google-plus-5-years People who love Google+ sure love Google+. That hasn’t changed since Google first launched what at the time seemed like a credible Facebook competitor back in June 2011. If you’re a Google+ fan, today is a day to celebrate: Against all odds, your favorite social network turned five today. For everybody else, the fact that Google+ is still online may come as a surprise. The number… Read More

Google researchers teach AIs to see the important parts of images – and tell you about them

artificial intelligence This week is the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition conference in Las Vegas, and Google researchers have several accomplishments to present. They’ve taught computer vision systems to detect the most important person in a scene, to pick out and track individual body parts, and to describe what they see in language that leaves nothing to the imagination. Read More

Twitter targets smaller businesses with launch of Dashboard

schedule_0 Twitter – hot on the heels of the launch of its app for influencers, Twitter Engage – has today released yet another standalone application, Twitter Dashboard. The new service, available on both web and mobile, is aimed at businesses who want to use Twitter to connect with their customers. The app offers a suite of tools including customized feeds of tweets, tools for… Read More

Lease marketplace Flip raises $1.2M

flip bot Flip, a startup that helps tenants find someone to take over their lease, is announcing that it has raised $1.2 million in seed funding. The New York City-based company has created a marketplace where lease holders can post apartments that they need to rent out, and where pre-screened applicants can look at housing before it hits the rental market. (Depending on how badly they need to get out… Read More

Hands On with Even, $99 earphones customized to the way you hear

FullSizeRender (10) Dr. Dre may make some of the most popular headphones on the planet but Beats are likely tuned to the way Dre likes to listen to the music – with heavy bass. You are not Dre and your ears and my ears and everyone else’s ears hear a slightly different way. Even your left and right ear have a distinct way of listening to different types of sounds. Even is a new set of earphones… Read More

Amazon gives the Alexa ‘app store’ a makeover, now lets you add new Skills by voice

amazon-echo It will now be easier to add “Skills” – new functionality by way of voice-activated apps to Amazon’s smart speaker Echo, and its other Alexa-powered devices, Amazon announced this morning. The company has finally given its Skills “app store” a makeover, and is introducing a means of adding new Skills by voice, too. Amazon’s Echo and other Alexa… Read More

Cisco to acquire API-based security startup CloudLock for $293M

Security concept: Keyhole on digital screen, contrast, 3d render Twilio isn’t the only company that is banking on API-based services as the way forward for enterprises. Today, Cisco announced that it plans to pay $293 million in a mix of cash and equity to acquire CloudLock, a cloud-based security provider that uses APIs to let enterprises apply and monitor security over documents and other content that they share and store in cloud-based… Read More