The 48 startups that launched at Y Combinator S16 Demo Day 2

yc-all-demo-day The world’s most prestigious startup school launched 48 companies today at part 2 of its Summer 2016 Demo Day. Nanoparticle analytics and delivery robots were amongst the products revealed in the B2B, biotech, enterprise, edtech, fintech, and hardware verticals. You can check out our write-ups of all 44 startups that launched yesterday, and TechCrunch’s picks for the top 7 from… Read More

Live video minus Facebook equals Alively

Alively Feature SMS is terrible, yet it’s still the way more than half of video gets shared on mobile. Meanwhile, Facebook is trying to turn everyone into famous broadcasters when most people just to show close friends what they’re up to. That’s why Facebook’s product manager for Live Vadim Lavrusik defected from the social network to start his own video streaming iOS app called… Read More

Narrative Science can now describe your Tableau charts for you

NarrativeScience2 Tableau Software‘s shares soared 13 percent on Tuesday following the announcement that the data analytics provider has partnered with Narrative Science, a Chicago-based company that develops natural language generation (NLG) tools. The result of the partnership is Narratives for Tableau, a free Chrome extension that automatically creates written explanations for Tableau… Read More

White House LGBTQ Tech and Innovation Briefing addresses national issues

megan smith white house lgbt The country faces a plethora of issues that affect millions of people every day. Although there has been some progress as a society around pro-LGBTQ legislation and healthcare, there is a lot left to be done around poverty, criminal justice reform, federal statistics around LGBTQ people, youth solutions, mental health, the environment, education and inclusion in tech. Today at the White… Read More

New York Times journalists reportedly targeted by Russian hackers

new-york-times-building The FBI is reportedly looking into hacking attempts against U.S. journalists that may have been orchestrated by Russian intelligence services. New York Times journalists were among those targeted, CNN and the AP report. It’s not yet clear why the reported attacks on the Times and other publications are being attributed to Russia, but CNN tied them to the recent DNC hack. The security… Read More

YC-backed CoinTent says it can help publishers deal with ad blockers

newsmoney CoinTent might be the solution for publishers worried about the money they’re losing to ad blockers. The San Francisco-based company started with a focus on paywalls, but it’s recently moved into offering publishers (including GQ) a broader range of solutions to deal with ad blockers. That doesn’t just mean inserting more ads. CEO Bradley Ross described CoinTent as… Read More

Lisn’s new app lets you stream songs for your friends while chatting

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 3.45.07 PM The joy that comes from listening to music with friends is something that’s been around ever since…well, ever since music. But today, thanks to digital services that let you listen anytime, anywhere, music is now more often a solo experience. A new app called Lisn wants to change that, by offering you a way to listen to music with a friend, no matter how far apart you are, and… Read More

Parrot’s fixed wing Disco drone takes flight next month for $1,300

aa4a77920f24bb468fe13c30a3388ccf Half a year after debuting a prototype at CES, Parrot’s finally ready to show off the final version of its next radical entry in the rapidly expanding drone space. The Disco marks a noted departure from both the French company’s earlier effort sand the consumer drone space in general, trading in the standard rotored configuration for a fixed wing variety designed to soar speeds up… Read More