AstraZeneca commits ‘hundreds of millions’ to sequencing genomes of 2M people over 10 years

cq5dam.web.1200.AZ1572_Equipment Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca today unveiled a ten-year project to sequence the genomes of two million people — with top-tier medical and tech partnerships and a nine-figure price tag. The resulting database would be the largest of its kind, and would be used to hunt rare genes that may contribute to diseases. AstraZeneca is dipping into its own stores for the first big source of… Read More

ISS beams down 4K footage of Earth shot with the RED Epic Dragon

space4k We get to see the Earth in high definition every day, it’s true, but we’re limited to a certain ground-level point of view. Not so much the astronauts aboard the International Space Station. And they’ve just sent down a batch of stunning 4K footage of the Earth taken with their fancy RED Epic Dragon camera. Read More

Jony Ive designs one-off iPad Pro and accessories for charity auction

00_apple-inc Want some serious bragging rights in the tech community? Why? Inquire within yourself whether this craving for attention is healthy, and if you still want those rights, consider bidding on this one-of-a-kind iPad Pro and accessories designed by Jony Ive. It’s for a good cause, or at least you can tell yourself that. Read More