Confirmed: Magic Leap acquires 3D division of Dacuda in Zurich

magicleap-shutterstock_344631905 Magic Leap, the augmented reality startup that has raised $1.4 billion in funding but has yet to release a product, has made an acquisition to expand its work in computer vision and deep learning, and to build out its operations into Europe. The company has acquired the 3D division of Dacuda, a computer vision startup based out of Zurich. One of Dacuda’s focuses had been… Read More

Soundtrack Your Brand, a ‘Spotify for B2B’ nabs $22M for expansion

screen-shot-2017-02-17-at-10-00-09 As Spotify continues its reign as the world’s biggest consumer music streaming business, a startup from its backyard in Stockholm (and even backed by Spotify itself) has raised a large growth round to take a leading place in providing music streaming services to businesses. Soundtrack Your Brand, started by an ex-Spotify executive and one of the co-founders of Beats (now part of… Read More

Car startup Beepi sold for parts after potential exits to Fair, and then DGDG, broke down

beepi delivery Yet more developments for Beepi, the used car marketplace that had raised $150 million but then went bust: the company has completely shut down and has been sold off in parts to repay creditors. The development comes after a deal to sell itself to, a stealth startup from car industry vets, was cancelled; and then a second deal to sell itself to Bay Area-based used car dealer… Read More

NewsWhip nabs $6.4M from the AP, more to shed light on what’s trending

newspapers As publishers — scrambling for revenues and audiences in a rapidly changing media industry — try to get a grip on how to make the best use of social platforms like Facebook and Twitter (without simply conceding traffic to those social platforms), a startup that’s building tools to help them surface interesting content has raised $6.4 million in funding to grow its… Read More

Snapchat pushes original, unscripted Shows with new A+E Networks deal

snapchat-los-angeles Now that Snapchat‘s parent Snap has signalled its intention to go public (in early March, is the date that we’ve heard through the grapevine), it’s stepping up a gear to show that its business is definitely worth $25 billion. Snapchat’s pitch: it is much more than just a place for 158 million, mostly American consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 to dip in and… Read More

Nokia to buy Comptel for $370M as it pushes deeper into carrier software

Nokia Shutterstock Nokia, once the world’s biggest handset maker, really wants the world to know that it’s a software company now. And today it made a big acquisition to that end: it is buying Comptel, a company that specialises in building software-based mobile data communications solutions for carriers. Comptel’s software is today in use by more than 300 operators, covering 1.2 customers in… Read More

Hootsuite acquires AdEspresso as it moves into paid content, social ads

hootsuite Hootsuite, the startup and platform that lets marketers manage company’s interactions across a range of social media networks, is getting into the business of paid content. Today, it is announcing that it has acquired AdEspresso, a company that has built a set of tools to create, A-B test, and post advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. It will sit in a relaunched version of… Read More

Alexa Voice Service goes international, now works in UK and Germany

int-avs-banner-_cb535474587_ Since first being unbundled back in 2015 in the U.S., Alexa Voice Service — the voice-response software that runs on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot — has been one of Amazon’s chief tools to spread its services to a range of connected devices. Now Amazon is taking its strategy international. Today it announced that AVS will now also work in the UK and Germany, and will… Read More

Klarna buys BillPay, the PayPal of Germany, for $75M from Wonga

Image (1) a_stack_of_euros.jpg for post 47171 Some chopping and changing is afoot in the world of payments in Europe. Today, Klarna, the payments startup out of Sweden, confirmed that it has acquired BillPay, a payments company based in Germany, from its previous owner Wonga, the startup that once achieved notoriety for predatory payday loans. The companies are not disclosing the value of of the deal, but a couple of reports from over… Read More

Salesforce acquires Sequence to build out its UX design services

screen-shot-2017-02-02-at-01-31-39 Salesforce has made another acquisition that underscores how the CRM and cloud software giant is looking to sell more services to its customers that complement the software they are already buying. It has acquired Sequence, a user experience design agency based out of San Francisco and New York that works with brands like Best Buy, Peets, Apple, Google and many more. The news was announced… Read More