Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Announces $100M Philanthropic Education Fund

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 4.02.05 PM Reed Hastings took to Facebook Tuesday to announce that he would be personally funding a new $100 million philanthropic fund, focusing exclusively on education-related projects and organizations. The mission on the website’s homepage details a commitment to enhancing the educational experience of children. Currently, too many children do not have access to amazing schools. Our aim is… Read More

Visa Checkout Announces Walmart, Starbucks As Merchant Partners

walmart Today, Visa Checkout announced that some major new companies would se starting to utilize the service. Starbucks, Walgreens, NFL Shop, HSN and have all signed on and will be joining Checkout’s more than 250,000 merchants using the express online payments service. integration will also be coming later this year, according to the company. The online payments… Read More

Nest’s Smart Home Apps Are Back Online Following Outages

Nest 1 Nest users who depend on their connected products to monitor their homes experienced a hiccup in connectivity Saturday that left users scrambling to figure out what was happening. In the absence of any official details from Nest, many users flocked to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the company’s products, and also reflect on the risks inherent to trusting connected devices… Read More

Edwin The Duck Is A $99 Connected Rubber Ducky 🐥

Edwin I’ve had a pretty decent amount of conversations with my college roommate about his great distaste for the fact that almost every new device in existence is “connected” in some way to the web. Light bulbs with WiFi would have likely seemed to be a truly ludicrous concept a few years back but now I rarely bat an eye as I immediately archive the cavalcade of connected bulb… Read More

Hide Unwanted iPhone App Icons With This iOS 9 Trick

apple-wwdc-news-app For those who believe a cluttered desk is a cluttered mind, the same is likely doubly true when it comes to your iPhone’s home screen. Unfortunately, those who desire complete control of the aesthetic flow of their phones have always had to play around the unavoidable inclusion of Apple’s stock iOS apps on their launch screens. Whether it’s a free-spirited soul looking… Read More

The BoomStick Gives Your Stock Earbuds A Major Sound Quality Boost

AMvBbDXkDJripFvsnK5wrWEM3qk72vtDrbAc0l5vhFd2dBPfZRKJ65PUOCv1Qw65ukmSv8N-YvU0cNayj2TERxUluxlLphTjItE2Kfe8IHrPsNzJAYBaSwI6l7ksMnMr_qM The standard sets of stock headphones being shipped by companies like Apple and Samsung are, by in large, garbage. For consumers looking to achieve more of a high-end audio experience, their best bet is traditionally in securing a new pair of cans. A new company, BoomCloud 360, is looking to help consumers boost audio quality more easily with their first portable product offering. The… Read More

T-Mobile CEO Discusses Consolidation Rumors, His Predictions For Tech In 2016

John Legere As the latest year of the future folds into the next, the most bombastic/annoying/entertaining of CEOs sets his gaze on the technologies that will define the wireless space and the company he is at the helm of. Just as he did last year, T-Mobile CEO John Legere published his list of predictions for tech in 2016. Though most of his predictions won’t surprise anyone (they’re pretty… Read More

The 12 Best-Sounding Headphones For Everyone On Your Nice List Buying someone else headphones is often easier said than done. Audiophiles are a fickle bunch and even kids know exactly what type of brand/sound they want these days. These headphones I’m recommending run the gamut in affordability ($25 to $1,945) but they all offer something distinctly unique and refreshing. As a general rule, buying headphones online is probably not the best move… Read More

The Mass Fidelity Core Offers Booming Stereo Sound From One Tiny Wireless Speaker

Core_Coffee_N_4_c_10262015 Home audio is rarely just plug-and-play. Systems I’ve dealt with installing over the years have come with dozens of feet of wiring and multiple units that require an afternoon or more to get all set up. Now, most audiophiles certainly don’t mind this step of the process and really enjoy the ability to get their systems finessed to their likings, but to many others I’d… Read More

UberChopper Brings Desperately Needed Excess To Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

CUkcLkcUwAA0tUJ.jpg-large Today, as you nurse your wounds from Black Friday stampedes outside your local mall, or sit in traffic as you make your lengthy travel back home from the holidays, here’s a reminder that life doesn’t have to be so hard. Forget UberBLACK. This weekend, the who’s who of absurdly wealthy people chilling in Dubai who aren’t skiing indoors or BASE jumping off of the… Read More