Hey Crypto Valley! Come to the TechCrunch Zug Meetup, January 29th

 I guess it had to happen sooner or later. TechCrunch has decided to get to the bottom of the Crypto and Blockchain boom by heading to one of its main geographical centers. Since welcoming the regulation of Initial Coin Offerings with open arms, Zug, the Swiss Canton just outside of Zurich, has come to be known as “Crypto Valley”. So… that’s where you’ll find a team… Read More

SingularityNET’s Ben Goertzel has a grand vision for the future of AI

 SingularityNET, is an ambitions project to create a decentralized marketplace for AI, has raised a lot of money in its token sale. In around 60 seconds after opening the sale to the public, it sold out of the whole amount of available tokens (the AGI token), bringing the total to $36 million. However, a startup raising a lot of money in a token sale is not really of interest to me. This is… Read More

Fiit secures $3.2M seed investment to let you work out with your friends, live

 Want to work out with your friends but you’re all busy and in different parts of the city or even country? Surely you could do this in 2017? Maybe with a Hololens… Turns out one of the few capable of creating this ideal user experience is Peloton, which is now on its Series E funding and has raised as much as $444m. But that is focused on cycling and, well, let’s face it,… Read More

Prisma adds to its armoury, integrating GagBot’s AI meme-generator

 Ever get stuck for that perfect gag-line on a photo of your friends? You want to turn even an ordinary photo into an internet meme, but maybe you just can’t think of that hilarious caption. Well, now you too can outsource your creative brain to the coming Artificial Intelligence overlords. Yes, indeed there is an app for that. Now Prisma — the photo-editing application that utilizes… Read More

In Israel, a blockchain and crypto hyper-cluster is just getting started

 The lunch took place just after well-known tech investor Moshe Hogeg announced he would invest in every Israeli blockchain that approached him. That investor group, called Alignment, consisted of the Singulariteam Technology Group, together with CoinTree Capital, and BlockchainIL. Held at Alignment’s new blockchain Hub in Tel Aviv, we got to hear from an array of new companies. Dubbed… Read More

New startups like Mytime want to pay for your attention and time in cryptocurrency

 The debate about the effects social networks like Facebook and Twitter have on us as human beings goes one. Indeed, just this week Facebook co-founder Sean Parker said “The thought process that went into building these applications, Facebook being the first of them, … was all about: ‘How do we consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible?… God only… Read More

Meet TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher at Web Summit on Tuesday

 Two Minute Techcrunch! Since it’s impossible, as a journalist, to crawl around all the stands at Web Summit, I thought it would be easier to sit in one place and meet people there! Thus, you will get the chance to meet me (Mike Butcher) and pitch me your company for 2 MINUTES at Web Summit on Tuesday. Details of where and when will be sent by email. Right now, it will probably be… Read More

Averon closes $8.3M funding to make your smartphone the key to ID online

 Because of the threat of cyber attacks, sign in and identity verification procedures are becoming utterly cumbersome. There’s no “identity” layer to the internet (until there is a mainstream Blockhain solution perhaps?). However, using signalling and data packets, and the SIM/eSIM chips already found in smartphones, you could make this much easier. It would also require no… Read More

TechHub’s new NYC site brings London startups Revolut, Aire, Cronofy, Callsign

 Co-working and startup office leviathan WeWork continues to expand in London. It’s latest accounts show that it has £2 billion of lease commitments in the UK (25 offices in London and two in Manchester) over the next 25 years, indicating it is upbeat about the prospects of the city post-Brexit. However, rival office space provider Regus is less bullish, issuing a property warning… Read More

What happens when two product design gurus talk about mobile?

 It’s not possible in the modern world to avoid in the mobile platform, and we’ve famously seen the rise of mobile-only startups like Instagram, which for many years didn’t even have a website. It’s highly appropriate therefore that we cover what its like to launch and scale mobile products at TechCrunch’s Startup Battlefield Australia (Nov. 16 in Sydney). To… Read More