Huge blaze tears through nut roasting factory in Melbourne as 10 workers are evacuated

Michael Avenatti says a THIRD woman will 'literally risk her life' to come forward and accuse SCOTUS nominee Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct within the next 48 hours and teases 'criminal charges' Is Dr. Blasey Ford getting cold feet? Accuser's attorney sends letter attacking 'unfair' plan for sex crimes prosecutor to question her at Senate 'circus' and is furious McConnell labeled her story a 'smear' against Kavanaugh 'He could be great': Trump declares his support for Kavanaugh for a THIRD TIME in one day - but tweets an embarrassing typo in his first message before correcting it President Trump's lawyer calls for 'a time out' in Mueller's Russia probe if Rosenstein leaves his post at the Justice Department Federal judge prepares to dismiss Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit against President Trump over his 'con job' tweet - sparking the fury of her attorney Michael Avenatti Instagram ... (more)

Nobody can explain what the ‘R’ in Apple’s new iPhone XR…

Nobody can explain what the 'R' in Apple's new iPhone XR stands for - and the latest theory is that even Apple doesn't know Apple hasn't explained what the 'R' and 'S' stand for in its latest iPhone lineup, the iPhone XS and XR. Apple rarely does - the last time it did was 2009, during the launch of the iPhone 3GS, where an exec explained the 'S' in '3GS' stood for 'speed.'