Microsoft is quietly fighting a clever war against Russian hacking group Fancy Bear

 While the White House mulls striking up a joint cyber program with Russia, an unlikely vigilante is taking care of business. As the Daily Beast reports, Microsoft has been waging a quiet war against the hacking entity known as Fancy Bear, which is believed to be associated with the GRU, Russia’s covert military intelligence agency. The Daily Beast details how in 2016, Microsoft’s… Read More

A huge new survey shows that teens are bullied most on Instagram and Facebook

 According to British anti-bullying organization Ditch The Label’s new annual survey, Instagram is the network of choice for cyberbullies in 2017 with Facebook close behind. This year’s survey collected results from 10,020 people between the ages of 12 and 20, making for a respectably robust data set that sheds some light into the damaging phenomenon endemic to internet communities.… Read More

This scorecard shows which tech companies protect user data from the government (and which don’t)

 The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s newest “Who Has Your Back?” report details what exactly tech giants are doing — or failing to do — in order to protect their users from potentially invasive government data requests. This time around, the annual report includes all four big U.S. wireless carriers and a solid who’s who of tech’s most established players. Read More

Elon Musk confirms that he just bought back, the domain he owned in 1999

 With a tweet, Elon Musk just confirmed that he is the proud new owner of, an admittedly very cool domain that he owned all the way back in 1999. Thanks PayPal for allowing me to buy back! No plans right now, but it has great sentimental value to me. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 11, 2017 The Whois change seems to have first been spotted by blogger… Read More

Senators warn FCC that it better be ready for Wednesday’s net neutrality Day of Action

 In a new letter addressed to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Hawaii’s Brian Schatz asked the commission to confirm that it won’t be caught flat-footed during Wednesday’s net neutrality Day of Action. The two pro-net neutrality Senate Democrats cited an incident in May during which the FCC’s comment portal crashed due to what Pai described as a… Read More

In NASA speech, Mike Pence shoots for the Moon (and Mars)

 Taking a break from touching pieces of sophisticated technology labeled “do not touch” in a Kennedy Center clean room, Vice President Mike Pence made a speech to NASA yesterday that further signaled the Trump administration’s apparent enthusiasm toward space exploration. The one where Vice President Mike Pence visits the Orion clean room… Read More

In aftermath of Petya, congressman asks NSA to stop the attack if it knows how

Padlock over binary background. Today Democratic Congressman Ted Lieu of California wrote to the NSA in an appeal for the agency to do anything in its power to stop the spread of the global ransomware (or potentially just disguised as ransomware) attack that began yesterday. Lieu seeks to hold the NSA accountable for its leaked exploit, known as EternalBlue, which appears to have facilitated the malware’s spread.… Read More