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The most challenging obstacle every new company must face in its life cycle: managing its spending to create a consistent, growing generation of revenue. At each level of a start-up's life, from growth and development to each Series of VC funding and final maturity, new companies face a unique set of financial and personnel challenges.

Us VC partners return Mips to Silicon Valley

MIPS, provider of the eponymous processor architecture and IP cores, is once again in Silicon Valley, following the acquisition of MIPS from Imagination Technologies by Tallwood Venture Capital and Paxion Capital Partners. Tallwood's managing director, Dado Banatao and Nicholas Brathwaite, founding partner of Riverwood Capital and WRV Capital, will represent Paxion on the board of directors.

‘We’re not going to follow the hype’: Biotech VCs are concerned by…

'We're not going to follow the hype': Biotech VCs are concerned by the staggering size of early-stage startup funding Money is flowing into biotech startups, with companies more and more frequently raising more than $100 million in early-stage funding rounds. Some were excited for the science, while concerned about the expectations that come along with this greater funding, while others are finding ways to look past the hype.