The Future Of FinTech According To Bain Capital Ventures’ Matt Harris

To listen to past interviews with the likes of former Mexican President Vicente Fox, Sal Khan, Sebastian Thrun, Steve Case, Craig Newmark, Stewart Butterfield, and Meg Whitman, please visit this link . To read future articles in this series, please follow me onon Twitter @PeterAHigh .) Peter High: You are a Managing Director at Bain Capital Ventures where your area of focus is Financial Technology [FinTech].

Ambi is Reimagining the Higher Education Experience with New Product Class and $6.5M in Funding

Ambi's vision is to disrupt higher education with a fresh take on how students engage with academic content and with each other using a simple, intuitive, and centralized Learner Engagement Platform By creating a Learner Engagement Platform designed for students first, ambi's mission is to empower all students to be more engaged, involved, and successful on campus and beyond. )-- Ambi , the future of the student experience in higher education, has closed 2018 with $5 million in Series A funding and $1.5 million in Seed Round investment from San Francisco-based holding and advisory company Steigen LLC, Boston-based VC NXT Ventures, international early-stage fund Global Investment, and others.