Google’s AI translation tool seems to have invented its own secret internal language

Image (5) terminat-visio2-620x340.jpg for post 215587 All right, don’t panic, but computers have created their own secret language and are probably talking about us right now. Well, that’s kind of an oversimplification, and the last part is just plain untrue. But there is a fascinating and existentially challenging development that Google’s AI researchers recently happened across. Read More

Most students can’t tell fake news from real news, study shows

reading newspaper with ostrich If you thought you heard the last on fake news, you were sadly mistaken. A Stanford study found that the majority of middle school students can’t tell the difference between real news and fake news. In fact, 82 percent couldn’t distinguish between a real news story on a website and a “sponsored content” post. Of the 8,704 students studied (ranging in age from middle… Read More

DeepMind Health inks new deal with UK’s NHS to deploy Streams app in early 2017

DeepMind Streams DeepMind Health, the division of the Google-owned AI company that’s focused on building links to healthcare providers to drive the application of machine learning algorithms for preventative medicine, has inked a fresh data-sharing agreement with the NHS Royal Free Hospital Trust in London. Read More

Google’s Cloud Platform will get GPU machines in early 2017

google_data_center_2 Google’s Cloud Machine Learning service launched earlier this year and, already, the company is calling it one of its “fastest growing product areas.” Today, the company is announcing a number of new features for Cloud Machine Learning users and developers who want to run their own machine learning workloads in Google’s cloud. Unlike its competitors, like AWS and… Read More

Google to shut down Map Maker, its crowdsourced map editing tool

google-map-maker Since 2008, Google has run an online tool called Map Maker that allows anyone worldwide to contribute data to Google Maps. Now, that tool is shutting down. The company announced today in its online forum for the project that the Google Map Maker service, as a standalone product, is retiring in March 2017. However, crowdsourced contributions to Google Maps are not ending, the company noted… Read More

Google launches its Cloud Platform region in Tokyo

tokyo-region-ga-width-1000 Google today announced the launch of the Tokyo region of its cloud computing platform. With this, the Google Cloud Platform now features two regions (Tokyo and Taiwan) and a total of six availability zones in Asia. In the Asia-Pacific region, the plan is to also open new regions in Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney over the course of the next year, in addition to new regions in the U.S.,… Read More

Crunch Report | China’s New Cybersecurity Laws

China has some new cybersecurity laws, starting in January 2017, Tesla will charge owners of new Teslas for Supercharger use if they drive more than 1,000 miles a year, Samsung leaks its AI plans for the Galaxy S8, Gmail for iOS gets an update and, on Election Day, Google will be refreshing election results every 20 seconds. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Crunch Report | Facebook’s Election Hub

Google Capital has rebranded to CapitalG, Facebook hub gives its election hub top billing in hopes of making you a more informed voter, Wish is rumored to be raising $500 million, Lucas Matney was really impressed by Doppler Labs’ Here One device and the NFL is launching a virtual reality series on YouTube. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

Google Capital changes its name to CapitalG

capg2 And the post-Alphabet Google rebranding continues. Google Capital — the company’s venture arm that focuses on growth-stage companies (read: those that have proven their idea and are now growing) as opposed to earlier stage startups — is now “CapitalG”. All this, its worth noting, is a separate thing from GV, Alphabet’s investment arm that focuses on that… Read More