The last driver license holder

liam Say hello to Liam. He recently celebrated his first birthday. Not only is he a cutie, he is the last person to get a driver license. Impossible? Not in your lifetime? I don’t know if Liam will be the last person to get a driver license. It could be Sophia or Ethan. But one thing is certain: The last person to get a driver license is already born — the speed of technology… Read More

Facial recognition systems stumble when confronted with million-face database

faces_feat We’re all a bit worried about the terrifying surveillance state that becomes possible when you cross omnipresent cameras with reliable facial recognition — but a new study suggests that some of the best algorithms are far from infallible when it comes to sorting through a million or more faces. The University of Washington’s Megaface Challenge is an open competition among… Read More

Enjoy a video of Boston Dynamics’ new robot doing chores and slipping on banana peels

Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics, the company behind some of the most impressively terrifying and terrifyingly impressive robots of the past decade, is demonstrating its softer side with a video showcasing the Alphabet-owned firm’s latest creation. The SpotMini is a sort or tiny robot giraffe capable of an impressive battery of skills, demonstrated in the video by jaunting up a flight of stairs,… Read More

YouTube’s 15-minute outage attributed to routine engineering push

youtube glitch A routine engineering push was the source of a 15-minute long global YouTube outage this morning, not a hack or DDOS attack. The issue has since been resolved, but was surprising given how reliable the Google-owned service has historically been. At the time of the outage, users who visited the site were met with a “500 Internal Server Error,” blank screens, or other error… Read More

Google wants to bring Fiber to Dallas

welcome_to_google_fiber Google wants to bring its gigabit Fiber internet service to Dallas, the company announced today. It’s important to note that, for now, the company is only “exploring” the idea of bringing Fiber to Dallas. Google typically first announces its plans to bring Fiber to a city and then starts working with the local authorities to figure out the details for the… Read More