Google launches Family Library, a way for families to share Google Play purchases

GoogleFamily-Library Google officially announced this morning the launch of “Family Library” – a program that allows up to six family members to share their purchases from Google Play across devices. This includes the ability to share music, movies, TV shows, books, apps and games across Android phones and tablets, and, in some cases, across the web, iOS, and other connected TV platforms like… Read More

Google Maps gets a cleaner look and starts highlighting areas of interest

SS2 It’s been a busy week for the Google Maps team. As we reported earlier today, the Google Maps apps are getting a WiFi-only mode and the team is also bringing more crowdsourcing tools to the mobile apps as well. The company kept the biggest announcement for today, though: Google Maps on iOS, Android and the web is getting a new and cleaner look with a more subtle color scheme.… Read More

Apple lays the groundwork to kill online advertising

Close-Up Of Chess Pieces On Chess Board Their products help us learn, communicate and navigate the world. The companies behind these innovations are battling for the future of computing. Each one is defending their core businesses while placing bets on the future. Their tangled business relationships help mask the underlying strategies that drive them; however, Apple’s strategy to stifle Google’s chief revenue source… Read More

Dear Google, the future is fewer people writing code

A background from many historic typographical letters in black and white with white background. There’s a reason why a college education still demands a level of proficiency in various topics, as well as offers a bulk of elective credits. Even at 20 years old, most people haven’t found enough intersectionality between what they enjoy and what they are good at to pick a career — so why are we talking about grooming children to become software developers before… Read More

Google hires former Samsung VR exec to work on Daydream

Google Daydream Google is forming a rather hefty team within the company to tackle smartphone-based virtual reality. The latest addition to the team is Matt Apfel, a former VP of content strategy for Samsung’s Milk VR (now Samsung VR). Apfel left Samsung in March and has been hired By Google to work on content for Daydream, Google’s next-gen mobile VR ecosystem, Variety reports. Daydream,… Read More

Google Maps is turning its over a billion users into editors

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 10.31.58 AM Google has begun to further tap into the power of the crowd in order to improve its Google Maps application, the company announced this morning. This is being done through the introduction of a number of features that will allow users to more easily share location details, as well as confirm edits suggested by others. Many users had already seen these changes rolling out, but today Google… Read More

Pat launches private beta to help AI understand what you say

Abstract watercolour painted speech bubbles in yellow orange pink blue and green. How many times have you wanted to throw your phone out the window of your car because Siri couldn’t understand the most basic phrases? Call Cheryl, no Vyshakh. Siri calls Cheryl anyway. Then a 20-minute argument develops with a series of “Hey Siri” commands followed by a string of unwanted Google searches and maybe even an iTunes song. I personally gave Siri a British accent… Read More

Google unveils new features for shopping ads and hotel search

Radios? We don't need no stinking radios. Google is giving more tools to retail and travel businesses hoping to promote themselves through search results and ads. These new features were announced at a New York City press event this morning, and then outlined in an AdWords blog post. On the retail side, changes include a new Showcase Shopping ad format. The company says those ads are designed for broader shopping search terms like… Read More