Judge’s Order To Shut Down NSA Phone Surveillance Reversed By Federal Appeals Court

nsa headquarters A federal appeals court has just ruled against a 2013 decision ordering the NSA to stop its bulk metadata collection program. The three-judge panel issued its ruling Friday, contending that conservative privacy activist Larry Klayman had not adequately argued the likeliness that his own data had been collected as a part of the metadata collection program. Judge Stephen Williams wrote… Read More

Google’s App Search Results Now Look More Like An App Store

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.30.31 PM Google has been working for some time to improve how it highlights mobile apps, and the data they contain, in its search results. And now, Android users performing Google searches for apps outside the Play Store will notice a big change in how apps are being presented in search results. Where before, apps were listed one-by-one with each app on its own line followed by a link to see… Read More

Uber Hires Security Researchers Behind That Crazy Jeep Hack

uber Uber has hired the duo behind a spectacular hack earlier this year that involved taking remote control of a Jeep Cherokee. Wired writer Andy Greenberg experienced this firsthand. He wrote that he was driving on a St. Louis highway when Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek used a laptop 10 miles away to make the radio, air conditioning and windshield wipers go haywire. Then they cut the… Read More

Alleged PlayStation Network, Xbox Live cyberattackers arrested by U.K. law enforcement

The U.K. equivalent of the FBI claims it has arrested the cyberattackers responsible for the PSN and Xbox Live holiday attacks.

The long arm of the law is also patient.

The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) has arrested six teenagers (via Variety) who are allegedly the cyberattackers who barraged the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network online services during the end-of-December holidays last year. That assault resulted in Xbox Live going offline on Christmas day while PlayStation Network suffered a week-long outage. The members are also allegedly members of the cyberattack group called Lizard Squad, who has taken credit for also attacking several other online services, including the World of Warcraft and Amazon servers.

If Lizard Squad sounds like a bunch of teen Internet vandals to you, there’s a good reason for that. It turns out that most were actually teen Internet vandals.

“A third of the individuals identified are under the age of 20,” reads a post on the NCA’s website. “And the activity forms part of the NCA’s wider work to address younger people at risk of entering into serious forms of cybercrime.”

While this is a big win for law enforcement, it does not look like the NCA was able to capture everyone involved as the Lizard Squad account on Twitter is still actively tweeting about this latest incident.

The NCA also shared information about the individuals it executed warrants on. These include three legal minors ranging in age from 15 to 17 years old. That’s in addition to three 18 year olds. All of these young people are male and are accused of using a tool referred to as “Lizard Stresser” (which we wrote about in depth right here) to target websites.

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Mobile Gaming Live-Streaming Service Mobcrush Has Raised Around $10M

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.57.54 AM We’ve heard from sources that Mobcrush, a live-streaming service centered around mobile games much in the same way Twitch is known for streaming popular eSports desktop games, has raised around $10 million in new financing, though the number could have gone beyond that. Mobcrush’s bet is that mobile game streaming will be as big — if not bigger — than some of the… Read More

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: CarPlay, Booze, And Keyboards

Welcome to the second edition of the TC Gadgets Podcast on Minecraft. This week, we’re discussing Apple CarPlay, the MixStik (which helps you to be an awesome bartender), the new full-size keyboard for mobile devices from LG, and the Sensel Morph (a totally different kind of keyboard). This week’s episode of the TC Gadgets Podcast features John Biggs, Matt Burns, Natasha Lomas,… Read More