How not to launch a company in the U.S. — lessons learned from LeEco

 After a months’ long parade of endless red flags, LeEco’s Stateside woes finally came to a head this week. The company announced that it would be laying off 325 employees in the U.S. alone. And judging from a number of address forwarding emails I received, the company moved swiftly and without much warning. It’s always easier to Monday morning quarterback all of this after… Read More

Here’s One Credible Reason to Doubt the Russia-Kushner Story

Here’s One Credible Reason to Doubt the Russia-Kushner StoryFollowing the Washington Post report on Friday that top White House adviser Jared Kushner had approached the Russian ambassador to the US about opening a secret line of communications between Moscow and the Trump transition team in the months prior to his father-in-law’s inauguration, the White House has been trying to beat down the story. The administration sent out National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster and Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly, one a current Army general and the other a retired Marine Corps general, to deliver a similar message over the weekend.

The difference between smartphone gimmick and game changer

 It’s hard to find a legitimately bad flagship phone these days. Sure, one peeks its head out from time to time, but on a whole most phones are pretty good. The screens, the cameras, the internals. There are always a few bits that could use improving (see: battery and durability), but the gulf between good and bad isn’t any near where it once was. And for the past several… Read More