The broken edtech ecosystem investors once avoided is changing

Photo: Getty Images/Klaus Vedfelt/Taxi Previously considered risky investments, it’s true that many edtech startups — commonly founded by “teacherpreneurs” hell bent on mending education through tech innovation — either tank or fail to achieve true scale. Why is this the case, when basic reasoning leads us to believe there is no other professional better placed to address the issues facing education… Read More

Tim Curry will read you ‘A Christmas Carol’ from your Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot It’s the time of year when we find ourselves together with our loved ones, gathered around the warming seasonal glow of our smart home devices. And for those who managed to snag an Echo before the device sold out seemingly everywhere, Amazon’s got a fun little Easter egg (nog). From now until Jan. 3, 2017, Alexa customers can listen to a holiday classic for free. #JustAsk… Read More

Fitbit ends one Jawbone patent case seeking to block device import

jawbone-vs-fitbit It’s a minor holiday miracle. Wearable device leaders Fitbit and Jawbone have been locked in a prolonged legal battle for well over a year, and yesterday Fitbit dropped one of the key pursuits against its fellow fitness manufacturer, dropping a patent violation complaint filed with the U.S. International Trade Commission. Fitbit cited Jawbone’s recent financial woes as part of… Read More

The reality of VR/AR trial

snap spectacles If you haven’t heard about VR/AR by now, your desert island must not have Wi-Fi. But there are millions of folks who know about VR/AR who haven’t seen it yet. User trial is on the critical path for VR/AR to go mass market. So what are the lessons from previous digital platforms about moving mass consumers from awareness to trial? Read More

Dutch regulators order T-Mobile to stop offering free music streaming over net neutrality concerns

IMAGE DISTRIBUTED FOR T-MOBILE - T-Mobile CEO John Legere introduces Binge On during the Un-carrier X press conference at the Shrine Auditorium on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, in Los Angeles. Binge On allows T-Mobile customers to stream video for free without using their LTE data. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/AP Images for T-Mobile) T-Mobile’s no-data-charge-music-streaming-thing has been going strong since 2014 here in the States, with the company adding services to the offering one by one. The Netherlands version of the promotion ran into significant headwinds this week, however, as regulators at the Dutch Consumer and Markets  (AFM) officially ordered the carrier to stop offering the “zero rating”… Read More

Withings products disappear from Apple stores following Nokia patent kerfuffle

screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-28-03-am As much of the rest of us were gearing up for a relatively quiet holiday season, Apple and Nokia were getting ready to go to battle, reigniting a war that had seemingly gone cold in 2011 with a reported $720 million settlement for the use of a number of patents. Earlier this week, Apple filed suit in California, alleging that Nokia removed certain patents from the deal for the purpose of… Read More

Here’s how to track Santa on Christmas Eve

santatracker2016 As per tradition, Google’s Santa Tracker is live today across Android, Google Maps, and, helping parents and children alike track Santa’s journey from the North Pole as he begins to deliver Christmas presents all over the world. iOS users can also keep an eye on Santa using the Google Maps app on their iPhone or iPad, plus Santa’s journey can be streamed to your… Read More

Count down the end of 2016 with 12 Days of Doug

12-days-of-doug Is 2016 over yet? Watch 12 Days of Doug on TechCrunch for a new giggle-inducing gadget review everyday this year. What is left of it, at least. From handy kitchen helper to doo-dads that help you get clean, Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth has reviewed hundred of gadgets – including plenty of “real” ones like computers and phone – so he is clearly a trustworthy fellow who… Read More