How the ancient art of origami is inspiring cutting-edge technology

origamibulb The future is always being shaped by the past. Long before the 3D printer, origami was the original genius at creating lifelike forms out of a flat surface. Folding brings with it the ability to collapse, flex and unfurl structures at will, which has huge potential for a variety of engineering applications. From digestible origami pills that could provide alternatives to invasive surgery to… Read More

Airbnb sues San Francisco over new rental legislation

Airbnb app The short-term rental company filed suit today over a new law that requires Airbnb to verify that its hosts have registered with the city before showing ads for their homes online. The suit aims to block the law from going into effect as scheduled on August 1. San Francisco legislators passed the law earlier this month in an effort to combat the housing crisis in the city, but Airbnb and… Read More

Writing aid for the blind provides a case study for “compassionate engineering” at Carnegie Mellon

comp_eng New mobile games and robot butlers are all well and good, but there are also many applications for the latest technology in poverty-stricken school districts and in the service of the disabled. A Carnegie Mellon project that targets both of those things is described by its leaders as an exercise in what they call “compassionate engineering.” Read More

How digital marketers can get better results with less capital

pinchpenny There has been much talk of late about the end of easy venture capital and what will happen to startup economics when everyone is forced to spend more wisely. Spending wisely should always be an objective regardless of the economic conditions. But this is especially true for marketers who control a large share of the budget at many companies — and who are the most at risk for wasting money. Read More

Google for Education partners with TES to expand the reach of VR Expeditions content in classrooms

Google_for_Education_expeditions Next-gen edtech and virtual reality are both high-stakes platforms that have about as much potential as anything when it comes to defining our near-future. The marriage of the platforms may be far from ready for primetime, but their is a lot of flirtation happening in the space right now thanks to some major players. Today, Google for Education announced that it will be adding integration… Read More

Facebook rolls out Slideshow movie-maker to compete with Google and Apple

Facebook iOS Slideshow Most people can’t shoot compelling videos, and static photos are boring. That’s why the tech giants are all pushing their own versions of automatic movie makers based on your media. This month, Apple announced its version called Memories coming to iOS 10 Photos, Google Photos already has its Movies Assistant, and today Facebook is rolling out Slideshow to all iOS users around… Read More