A view on VC from a realistic optimist

During the last year there has been considerable discussion regarding the current state of the venture capital industry: Are we in a bubble? Did that bubble pop? Why has there been a dearth of major technology company IPOs? How much higher can valuations skyrocket, yet why does it seem increasingly difficult for earlier stage startups to raise their Series A and B rounds? " and a technologist, and I see the advancing pace of technology development as a positive signal for the market. I believe we are entering one of history's best markets for investing in emerging technologies, and that astute investors will focus on the smartest and most innovative technology leaders.

Up close with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Here we are in a post-headphone jack world. I don’t know about you, but I expected thing to feel different, like that part in the Wizard of Oz when Dorothy sees color for the first time. But there you have it. These things take time. And we’ll see whether other companies follow suit – though the company certainly has a pretty strong track record for ushering out other… Read More

Don’t cry because the headphone jack is over, smile because it happened

apple-liveblog0629 Let’s get this straight: Tim Cook doesn’t read your Tweets. He doesn’t care about your thoughts on iPhone vs. Samsung and he definitely doesn’t care about your headphones. Apple is an apex predator and it acts like one, shedding fat for muscle and eating entire swathes of the CE industry as it goes. Like the 1,000-pound gorilla or the the proverbial elephant, it sits… Read More

Here’s your first look at Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay on PS4 Pro

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-47-57-pm If you’re note familiar with the Mass Effect series of sci-fi role-playing games, then you’re missing out. The new PS4 Pro that Sony unveiled today can handle 4K, and Bethesda used the opportunity of the event to give us our first look at Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay, which does take great advantage of the added resolution capabilities. The latest Mass Effect game will support… Read More

Announcing the last batch of tickets for the Disrupt SF Hackathon, plus the emcees, judges & API workshops

5747668114_a267f3d4f0_o The Disrupt SF Hackathon kicks off this Saturday, September 9th at noon and you still have a chance to snag a ticket. Also, we’re excited to announce the hackmasters, judges and API workshops for the event. Hackmasters Jeffery Bennett and Reshma Khilnani are reprising their roles as Hackmasters and are currently practicing cutting off presentations that go longer than a minute. Judges… Read More

Callblock’s new iOS app will block calls from over 2 million telemarketers

screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-11-24-56-am A new application, Callblock, coming to the iTunes App Store, claims to block phone calls from over 2 million telemarketers by type, including things like robocallers, debt collectors, political campaigners, scammers, and more. To identify which calls should be blocked, the app uses a combination of public and private records, ongoing research, and user reports, the company explains. As new… Read More

Live from Apple’s iPhone 7 announcement

IMG_0032 It’s become something of a ritual: September comes around, and Apple sends out its ever-mysterious invite to a few dozen outlets. We all head for San Francisco, and a new iPhone is unveiled. It’s September. We’ve got our invite, and we’re live in SF. As we have for nearly a decade now, we’ll be liveblogging the event as it happens, bringing second-by-second… Read More