ReBoard Is An iOS Keyboard With Third Party App Shortcuts

ReBoard ReBoard is a just launched iOS keyboard app from an indie dev team in India that’s targeting productivity-focused folk, by adding the ability to reach out to other apps right from the keyboard. So instead of having to double tap out of whatever messaging app you’re using to go hunt for that YouTube link, for instance, you can do a look up right from the keyboard. Read More

Airbnb Removes Top Host In Asia From Its Service With No Explanation

no vacancies ‘Sharing economy’ companies like Airbnb, Uber, TaskRabbit and others have grown popular for offering new types of work, and by association, additional incomes to people worldwide. While making a little side money comes in handy, a cautionary tale from a top Airbnb host in Asia shows the potential perils of becoming too reliant on these services. Read More

Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Group Says Its New Artificial Intelligence Platform Is China’s First

cloud computing Aliyun, the cloud computing unit of Alibaba Group, is launching an artificial intelligence platform that it claims is the first in China. Called DT PAI, the service combines algorithms used by Alibaba with machine and deep learning techniques and presents them in a simple drag-and-drop interface. Aliyun says developers can use DT PAI to predict user behavior without having to write new code. Read More