Samsung Gear VR Sold Out Online At Amazon And Best Buy

20151119_152349 If you didn’t pre-order the new consumer version of Samsung Gear VR, you might have some difficulty finding it on your favorite online shopping destinations. Amazon and Best Buy, both places that have been touted as having a supply of the virtual reality accessory are showing “temporarily out of stock” and “sold out online” messages respectively. Amazon: Best… Read More

Meet The 5 Startups Launched At Troy Carter’s SMASHD LABS Demo Day

hqdefault Today marked the demo day for the first batch of startups from SMASHD LABS, the LA-based accelerator started by legendary talent manager Troy Carter. When it launched, SMASHD promised that it would accept a diverse group of companies from across the entertainment, media, technology, and culture industries…and it didn’t disappoint. Companies from the inaugural batch ranged from… Read More

FanDuel And DraftKings Fight Back, File Lawsuits Against NY Attorney General

NYC_-_New_York_County_Supreme_Courthouse After NY’s Attorney General ordered DraftKings and FanDuel to cease and desist all operations in the state, the two companies have responded, filing lawsuits seeking an injunction against the order. “Today, we have taken decisive legal action to prevent a unilateral, misinformed and legally misguided attempt by the New York Attorney General to act as “judge, jury and… Read More

Tyra Banks On Her New Startup And Why Every Woman Needs “F-You” Money

Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna Niguel, CA. Host of ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Tyra Banks talked about her new business venture Tyra Beauty, ‘smizing’ and empowering women entrepreneurs with “f-you” money onstage at the Wall Street Journal Live conference today. “Every woman needs ‘f-you’ money’ to be able to do things independently,” she explained to an audience… Read More

NASA Astronauts Can Already Farm On Mars

martian-gallery3-gallery-image The prospect of conquering the dark and vast expanse of space has fascinated the human mind for a good part of the last century. Perhaps that is why ‘The Martian,’ a film adaptation of Andy Weir’s book about one man’s struggle to survive on Mars, rocketed to the number one spot at the box office this weekend. In the movie, Matt Damon’s character realizes he… Read More

Full Stack Music: 1 Trillion Streams, 200 Million Tickets

Mombojó At present, there are three distinct music industries: radio, on-demand music, and concert ticketing. However, we are starting to enter a new phase, where these industries will converge and produce one integrated experience for artists and fans. I’ve taken to calling this full stack music, because at heart it speaks to a holistic experience that integrates these industries through data. Read More

Rhapsody Targets Parents With Launch Of A Music Streaming Service For Kids

001 As the demand for digital music streaming services heats up, thanks in large part to Spotify’s traction and Apple’s more recent entry into the market, a number of competitors are working to differentiate themselves from the pack. In the case of the 14-year old Rhapsody, the company is today is going after moms and dads by launching a new service which claims to be the first-ever… Read More

Oculus Positions VR For Primetime

Rift Today Oculus gave 1,500 developers at the Oculus Connect 2 conference (as well as those at home via livestream or on Gear VR a chance to watch) a look at how the consumer version of the Oculus Rift will roll out in Q1 2016, how Oculus plans to bring virtual reality to millions through the Samsung Gear VR, and how new platforms and controllers will expand the uses of Oculus Rift from games… Read More