General Data Protection Regulation: A Milestone Of The Digital Age

gavel The conventional wisdom is that the recently agreed-upon General Data Protection Regulation is the most-lobbied piece of legislation in the history of the European Union. I’m not quite sure how you quantify that, but it’s not surprising. This law will likely go down as a milestone of the Digital Age, similar to industry-changing laws like the Clean Water Act or the Clean Air Act… Read More

Lifesum Launches Movesum, A Step Tracker To Shock You About Calories

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 2.46.52 PM After raising a $6.7M Series A round to bolster it’s position, health tracking startup Lifesum has added another quiver to its bow in the form of a new app called Movesum. You can download it here. After studying the health category, Lifesum tells me that they decide the classic pedometers and step counters (such as Pacer)have become to bloated with features and gone beyond what most… Read More

Europe’s BlueYard Capital Is A New $120M Early-Stage Fund From Ex-EarlyBird VCs

BlueYard It was a few months back that rumours began to circulate within the European — and specifically Berlin — startup community that ex-Early Bird VCs Ciarán O’Leary and Jason Whitmire were raising a fund of their own. Well today that news comes to surface with the new firm, dubbed BlueYard Capital, getting an official, albeit modest, outing via a blog post written by O’Leary. Read More

RoboFisher Will Let You Fish In Even The Harshest Of Storms

CV4AGgzUkAAw8iO Blow, blow, thou winter wind, thou art not so unkind as man’s inability to fish in thee! In northern, colder climes, fish, as we all know, tend to freeze right in place and take nutrients in through their skin because they have their pores open all the time. But what if you want to go catch some of those fish? Robofisher has the answer. This service allows you to rent time on a fishing… Read More