The Blockchain Might Be The Next Disruptive Technology

blockchain-2048 To process a transaction, you need first to make sure the sender owns the asset he wants to transfer, and make sure he will not trade it twice. In the blockchain, information is stored in blocks that record all transactions ever done through the network. Hence, it allows validating both the existence of assets to be traded and ownership. Read More

Kreditech Nabs $92M To Build Financial Services For The ‘Underbanked’

money shutterstock Another startup out of Europe focused on finance has raised a hefty round of funding. Kreditech, a German company building a suite of credit and banking products for consumers who have little or no credit history, has raised €82.5 million ($92 million) to continue adding more products and geographies to its platform. Confirming what we reported when we first broke news of the round in… Read More

Using The Blockchain To Fight Crime And Save Lives

blockchainhero Blockchain technology has been described as email for money, but it has the potential to be so much more. Blockchain technology is a hyper-secure record of digital events that is distributed among many different computers. Blockchain technology is best known for its connection to the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It’s what enables transactions to happen without middlemen or a central body,… Read More

This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: A Reprise

bitcoin Hey friends, and welcome back to a partially new episode of the TechCrunch bitcoin podcast, better known as TCBTC. A few weeks back, this little show hosted Jason Rowley on the program, shooting video in the mix. However, due to production overlaps, we didn’t get the full audio version up. So, without further ado, here is our show with Mr. Rowley, in proper sonic format. If you… Read More

This Week On Bullish: To Correct Or Not Correct, That Is The Question

BullishLogoSample1 Hello and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show. This week we’re digging into the financial markets, the disconnect between public and private valuations, and, of course, how the venture capital community is reacting to a turbulent marketplace. Joining us this week is Maha Ibrahim, a venture capitalist at Canaan Partners, an important finance shop that recently… Read More

A Few Thoughts On The BlackBerry-Good Technology Deal

tech-ipo So much for that IPO, I suppose. Good Technology, a long-time IPO candidate with reams of public financial data, was snapped up by BlackBerry this morning for $425 million. You might think that the number isn’t too bad. It is: The company raised $291 million from investors. So its sale is nearly certainly a down-exit, compared to its late private valuations. Read More

Why Startups Should Leverage Compliance

woven Business Insider recently reported that “The Clearing House, an advocacy group owned by the world’s largest commercial banks, is gunning for payment startups.” Not surprisingly, the banks don’t enjoy being the only ones told to play by the rules. More to the point, though, forcing Wall Street regulations onto Silicon Valley is their approach to dealing with the threat… Read More

iZettle Gets $67M To Expand From Mobile Payments To Small Business Financing

cYn8okcNG665Iv0HkJ8ph-TlcbQXRYcninzdbuHmfKU European mobile payments player, iZettle, is expanding into what amounts to small business loans — announcing a capital advance product, called iZettle Advance, which will be available to select iZettle customers who need funds to grow their own businesses. So it’s basically moving onto even more of the territory where traditional banks fear to tread. Read More