You could become a pilot in the Drone Racing League if you’re good at this racing simulator

img_0649 Today the Drone Racing League, a league that has a deal with ESPN to broadcast races this season, launched a drone racing simulator game. And perhaps even more interesting, the league will be teaming up with Bud Light to host Drone Racing League tryouts on the simulator, with the winner receiving a $75,000 contract to compete in the 2017 season. The simulator itself is pretty basic –… Read More

Facebook Messenger is testing “Instant Games” like this one from King

facebook-messenger-games Facebook Messenger is preparing to launch a new “Instant Games” platform that will let people  play lightweight games against friends. Candy Crush maker is already testing one of these Instant Games called “Shuffle Cats Mini” in New Zealand, TechCrunch has discovered. And other studios including Big Viking also appear to be prepping for the Instant Games… Read More

Google and Blizzard team up on a Starcraft made just for AIs

starcraft_ai AIs have more or less mastered chess, Go, and a number of other highly cerebral games — how will they do on something like StarCraft II, which combines high-level strategy with the need for quick reaction times and tactical thinking? Probably great, honestly. And this collaboration between Google’s DeepMind and Blizzard will ensure it. Read More

How Yo inspired the Jonas Brothers to create apps

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 02:  (L-R) Fast Company writer Nicole LaPorte, Joe Jonas, CEO of Philymack Phil McIntyre and Kevin Jonas speak on stage Fast Company Innovation Festival 2016 - Phil McIntyre, Joe Jonas, And Kevin Jonas at Skirball Center, NYU on November 2, 2016 in New York City.  (Photo by Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Fast Company) Remember that silly app, Yo, where you could ping someone with just a tap? Well, Kevin Jonas does. At the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, the Jonas brothers talked about why they are creating apps. After seeing the Yo app raise over $1 million in funding, Kevin said it made launching startups look easy. “If they could do that, look what I can do,” said Kevin, about… Read More

To IP or not to IP, that is the question

ip-homer-raph-pika The rise and fall of Pokémon GO begs us to ask many questions regarding how to launch a game to position it for success. One specific question it raises is whether branded intellectual property is something game makers should consider prior to launch. Branded IP is one of the most time-tested ways to launch games that go on to become immensely popular. Read More

Discord chief executive on distribution and the importance of the PC in gaming

The global video game industry is exploding in popularity. Companies such as ESPN, Activision Blizzard, and Electronic Arts have formed their own eSports divisions in recent months, and the gaming market exceeds $90 billion, up 9% in the last year. It is bigger than the movie industry and predicted to expand with new emerging platforms like VR. Greylock investment partner Josh Elman talked… Read More

Facebook officially announces Gameroom, its PC Steam competitor

facebook-gameroom After losing mobile gaming to iOS and Android, Facebook is making a big push into playing on PC with today’s developer launch of its Gameroom Windows desktop gaming platform. After months of name changes, beta tests and dev solicitation, Facebook opened up the beta build for all developers and officially named it Gameroom. The app is openly available for users to download on Windows 7… Read More

Post-App Store developer platform Blackstorm launches a games studio

everwings blackstorm game Whenever a new developer and compute platform comes along — whether that’s the mobile phone or a VR headset — games are quick to follow as one of the first ever use cases. That’s the case now with Blackstorm, a development platform that’s geared toward different platforms like Messengers and the browser that can easily be accessed without having to download a… Read More