Disney Research uses RFID tags to create powerless, low-cost interactive controllers

RFID Disney Research The team at Disney Research is up to its fun old tricks, this time finding some new uses for off-the-shelf RFID tags. Along with researchers from Carnegie Mellon, Disney’s laboratory wing has discovered a low-latency way to process RFID signals, making it possible to use the tags to turn cheap objects into simple wireless interactive controls that don’t require battery power.… Read More

Game Review: Chameleon Run

c-run-thumb Chameleon Run launched a little over a week ago and has been heavily promoted by Apple. Admittedly, I love this game and I am not the only one. Chameleon Run is an auto-runner where you fly through the air bouncing off platforms, see-saws and slides to make your way to the end of each level. It costs roughly $2 on both iOS and Android and there is no free version. Yet, it’s on the paid… Read More

Magic Pony’s neural network dreams up new imagery to expand an existing picture

The source image on the left was used to generate the one on the right. A British startup is using the unique abilities of convolutional neural networks to do a sort of scaled-up version of Adobe’s content-aware fill — but instead of filling in the gaps in a picture, it’s imagining a whole new picture, larger and more detailed than the original. Kind of hard to believe without seeing it, right? That’s why they call their company Magic Pony. Read More

Retro gaming fans rejoice: Atari Vault is on Steam with 100 games

Atari Vault Longing for the days of the sticky floored arcades of your youth and long nights spent with the the Atari 2600, but can’t be bothered to dig through your mum’s basement to find all the bits and bobs to throw yourself into a retro-gaming binge? Aren’t you in some industrial-strength luck. Available starting today on Steam, Atari Vault gives you 100 retro games to while away… Read More

EeGeo picks up $5M to build better 3D visuals for interiors and VR experiences

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 14.43.29 Startups working on high-quality immersive visuals and the tech to achieve them are in demand these days, and today one that focuses specifically on interactive outdoor and indoor 3D mapping is announcing a round of funding to help fuel its growth. London-based eeGeo, which works with the likes of Cisco, Samsung and more on mapping applications for consumers and businesses, has raised $5… Read More

Link From “The Legend Of Zelda” pops up on Google Maps today

link-google-maps Google has hidden a little surprise today in Google Maps for fans of “The Legend of Zelda” – the company is celebrating the release of the new game, “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD” for Wii U by turning Google Maps’ Pegman figure into the game’s hero, Link, for the next five days. You’ll find the Link avatar in the same spot as you… Read More

Color Switch Falls To The No. 2 Games Slot (But Is Still As Addictive As Ever)

colorswitch Did you hear about that crazy-popular game that sat in the No. 1 Games spot on iTunes for more than a month and a half? I’ll give you a hint, it has color in the title. Color Switch is a tap-based obstacle game that adds an additional level of difficulty because you are constantly changing colors. The game offers three modes: race, challenge and continuous play. And if you are feeling… Read More