Russia’s Google equivalent is building a self-driving shuttle

nami-minibus The Google equivalent in every major market where Google doesn’t really play is making a self-driving car of some kind, and Russia is the latest to join the fray. Yandex is the company in question, which operates Russia’s leading search engine, along with a host of other going concerns. Add to that list a driverless minibus, which the tech company is creating in partnership with… Read More

Flirtey flies pies for Dominos in New Zealand

Flirtey, the drone delivery startup, developed a drone to deliver hot pizzas for Dominos. Dominos Pizza Enterprises has demonstrated delivery of hot pizzas by drone in Auckland, New Zealand. The company has a long history of embracing high-tech concepts. Last year, they tested out a four-wheeled, driverless pizza delivery vehicle. And in 2012, Dominos launched a casual build-a-pizza game that also let players order the pizza they built digitally for real life delivery. The company… Read More

Augmented reality makes prototyping easy on Shaper’s Origin CNC machine

SONY DSC Innovations in 3D printing have done their part to inspire maker-culture. We print, or at-least try to print, drones, human organs, and even medications. Additive techniques are practical and accessible for much of the prototyping process. However, just because we can print synthetic drugs with 3D printers, doesn’t mean we can print something as simple as a walnut radio. Shaper, a… Read More

Jobless in the self-driving economy

Uber Self Driving Cars Uber’s self-driving cars will hit the road this month, earlier than anticipated. That’s an exciting surprise…unless of course you’re a driver. They won’t be the only ones affected, though. The consequences of robot-induced unemployment could eventually ripple through the rest of the economy. What will happen to Uber’s 1 million drivers? And the 3.5… Read More

Intel unveils a ready-to-fly drone, the Aero, to win over developers

Intel's Aero Ready to Fly quadcopter. At the Intel Developer Forum on Tuesday, Intel unveiled a new, hardware product — a ready-to-fly drone; specifically, a quadcopter, aimed at software developers rather than casual hobbyists or commercial drone operators. Intel’s drone is a fully assembled unit that runs on Intel’s Aero Compute Board with a Linux operating system, RealSense for vision and comes with Santa… Read More

Abundant Robotics spins out of SRI to bring apple-picking robots to the farm

Apples are the second most commonly consumed fruit in the U.S., according to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. But the way apples are harvested in the orchard hasn’t changed much in the past two centuries. It’s still a manual process, by and large. Now, SRI Ventures, a kind of startup incubator within the Menlo Park research and development firm SRI International,… Read More

Verifly launches drone insurance by the flight, and on-demand in the US

phantom drone A startup called Verifly is making insurance on-demand, and per-flight, available to drone users today with a new mobile app and service that’s been in the works since late 2014. The service launches just in time to support a burgeoning consumer, and commercial, market for unmanned aerial vehicle use in the U.S. Over half a million drones that weigh more than half a pound have been… Read More