Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski teases announcement for his next game

Cliff Bleszinski is the creator of Project Bluestreak.

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski teased his new online game. Game publisher Nexon is expected to reveal the game on Wednesday at 9 am Pacific time.

The first-person online shooter game has been known so far under the code name Project Bluestreak. On the web site, Nexon said: Welcome to The Shattering….Create an account to stay in the know & share the countdown timer to receive an exclusive forum badge! Come back tomorrow for the first reveal….

Polygon reported that the game would be called The Shattering, but Bleszinski tweeted that was incorrect. Bleszinski was a 20-year veteran game designer at Epic Games, and he is best known for his as lead designer of Gears of War, as well as his work on Unreal and the Unreal Tournament. He left the company in 2012. He started his own studio, Boss Key Productions, in 2014, and he set up a publishing deal with Tokyo-based Nexon.

Project Bluestreak

Above: Project Bluestreak

Image Credit: Nexon

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