NHS nurse, 42, charged with FAKING attack on herself

Surprise! Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon stun tour groups in 30 Rock's elevators as former First Lady jokes that protective Barack only wanted a second term to ensure Malia and Sacha continued to get Secret Service protection Facebook 'secretly allowed Netflix and Spotify to read users' private messages and shared YOUR personal data with Silicon Valley giants Amazon and Microsoft as recently as last summer', as Zuckerberg is hit with yet ANOTHER privacy scandal Stormy weather to blanket the Eastern half of the U.S. and Pacific Northwest this weekend and cause Christmas travel chaos for 110MILLION Americans Trump's promise to 'review' case of the Green Beret murder suspect BEFORE it's gone to trial 'leaves military legal experts FURIOUS with the President's unwanted intervention' George Lucas tops Forbes list of America's wealthiest celebrities with estimated net worth of $5.6billion ... (more)