Added Startup Workshop Speaker: David S. Rose of the New York Angels

We've added David S. Rose, the founder and chairman of the New York Angels, to the Venture Voice Startup Workshop speakers roster. He joins Dick Costolo of FeedBurner, Scott Heiferman of, David Hornik of August Capital, Jeanne Sullivan of StarVest Partners and Tom Szaky of TerraCycle.

We've got all angles of the entrepreneurial process covered now, from entrepreneurs to angels to venture capitalists. The speakers have great diversity of backgrounds, geography, age and industry. They'll be a lot of great insights to share.

Netscape Got Start Up, Needs Catch Up Too

AOL's relaunching Netscape by using the format of the popular startup Digg, which allows users to decide what news is noteworthy though a voting system. According to a New York Times article, this effort to build the new Netscape was run like a startup by recently acquired entrepreneur Jason Calacanis who founded Weblogs, Inc. Perhaps for the first time in years, Netscape is startup-like again.

VV Show #35 – Sharelle Klaus of Dry Soda

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Sharelle Klaus

While many restaurants offer dozens of wines, beers and mixed drinks, there are few non-alcoholic options on the menu. Former dot-com entrepreneur and self-described foodie Sharelle Klaus was fed up with her lack of beverage options during the time she was pregnant with her four children. She decided to create the first line of “culinary sodas,” which are less sweet and more sophisticated than sodas like Coke or Pepsi. Based in Seattle, Sharelle’s now peddling her soda all across the country and already has traction in several markets.

Show notes:

The Difference Between a Small Business and a Small Business Mentality

Advertising Age, a publication not known for being aimed at small businesses, published an article titled Why Small Marketers Need to Reach for the Stars.

While we're reminded all large businesses start small, the point of the article is that there are no special rules of small business that small businesses need to follow. In other words, think big. And what better examples than Bill Gates and Michael Dell?

Venture Voice Startup Workshop

We've extended the registration discount on the Venture Voice Startup Workshop. It's a unique opportunity to interact with top entrepreneurs in an intimate setting on June 26. Speakers include Dick Costolo of FeedBurner, Scott Heiferman of, David Hornik of August Capital, Jeanne Sullivan of StarVest Partners and Tom Szaky of TerraCycle.

All participants get to fill out a survey when they sign up about what they're looking to get out of the Workshop. The sooner you sign up, the more influence you'll have on the agenda. Look forward to seeing you there!

VV Show #34 – David O. Sacks, Co-Founder of PayPal and Producer of Thank You For Smoking

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Dave Sifry

What do you do after building and selling a business for $1.5 billion in the course of only a few years? That’s the question David O. Sacks, one of the co-founders of PayPal, faced after eBay bought his company. It didn’t take him long to find the answer: Go to Hollywood and make movies. David didn’t waste much time. He recently produced Thank You For Smoking which won critical and audience acclaim. Now you can hear about his journey and get his unique perspective on the convergence of media and technology.