Guy Kawasaki’s evangelizing Canva

Guy Kawasaki’s name has become almost synonymous with tech entrepreneurship and evangelism. Over the past 25 years, he’s had a hand in advising a generation of tech start-ups and innovators, either directly, through stints at Apple and Google, or through his writings, speaking engagements, podcast and numerous books. Guy has started up a few of his own companies as well, and the venture capital fund he launched, Garage Technology Ventures, has invested in a variety of early-stage technology companies. I first interviewed Guy for this podcast in 2006. Catching up with him nearly 15 years later was a real treat — although we were a little delayed getting started. As Guy explained, the waves were pretty good that day, so he had to get a little extra surfing in. When he’s not riding the waves, Guy is the Chief Evangelist for Canva, bringing the good news of the democratization of design to the world for this Australian startup, which is now valued at A$6 billion. In this episode, he shares what it means to be an evangelist, the role of luck in entrepreneurship, how his work life has evolved and the career achievement he’s most proud of — which also happens to be the one he feels is most underappreciated. *** If you enjoy the podcast, would you please consider leaving a short review on Apple Podcasts/iTunes? It takes less than a minute and helps us continue to attract the entrepreneurs you want to hear and learn from. For show notes, past guests and transcripts, visit Sign up for the Venture Voice email newsletter at Follow and connect on social: On Twitter: On Instagram: On YouTube: On LinkedIn: Learn more about Muck Rack at and The Shorty Awards at